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KRK congratulates self on teacher’s day, says he taught awesomeness to himself, on his own

05, Sep 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Nations top-notch deshdrohi and beloved of certain twitter users, Kamaal R Khan has apparently congratulated himself on the teacher’s day.

Happy Teachers Day to me
Happy Teachers Day to me …me …me

In an interview given to an entertainment magazine KRK said, “I Kamaal R Khan respect my teacher, my guru, my mentor, my inspiration Kamaal R Khan a lot. I have learned a lot from Kamaal, that is my own self. A few years back I was nowhere, until I started to learn how to be awesome and cool and perfect. I am actually the best a man can get.”

On being asked what else has he taught himself except being cool, KRK lashed out his arms in Deshdrohi style, pushed his head back with passion and said, “I am the best, the one and only, the rarest of the rare, blood of my blood, master of all trades, the most passionate, the unimaginable dream thousands have. I am the K .. R … K … beyond this I have taught myself extreme humility. I am the most humble person who has ever walked on this earth. I think I have even beaten likes of SRK in humility.”

On being asked what is he going to gift himself on the teacher’s day, KRK smiled to show is gutkha stained teeth. He said, “First of all I am going to log on to twitter and abuse a few people, that’s another thing I have taught myself over the years. I will say I love you to a few beautiful actresses and if they don’t reply to my love advances I am going to curse them.”

“In the afternoon I have a few conference calls in Dubai and for the evening I have some tweets ready and saved to abuse some newly release Bollywood movies. By late evening, I would be fighting with some people on twitter on social issues and then I will hit the sack. See how humble my schedule is,” KRK concluded.

He was later seen abusing a building watchman who failed to recognize him as a super-star.