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Kylie accused for failure of Blue, white women allege discrimination

26, Oct 2009 By Khamba

Mumbai. The Association of Random White Women in Bollywood (ARWWB) has decided to go on strike to protest against alleged racial discrimination by the Indian filmmakers. The strike is being led by the Australian singer-actress Kylie Minogue, who has been allegedly accused by producers of Blue as being responsible for the movie’s lackluster performance on the box office. Kylie had made a special appearance in song titled Chiggy-Wiggy in the Blue movie.

Kylie and Akshay had danced together in the song Chiggy-Wiggy
Kylie and Akshay had danced together in the song Chiggy-Wiggy

“The producer was audacious enough to say I was not sexy enough in the song to attract Indian viewers. What the hell! I was doing just fine in the song when this guy called Akki jumped in and started all arbit dance steps. I tell you, a fat Aussie under the effect of beer can dance better. How do you expect me to look sexy in such situation?” Kylie wondered and alleged that she is being made a scapegoat for being white.

ARWWB members point out that while movie and television producers, and even the IPL managers, have profited by showing white women, now they are beginning to discriminate them to favor of Asians and women from other brown countries. They cited the examples of Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandes being cast in Bollywood movie Aladin while Brazilian model Giselle Monteiro getting a chance in Love Aaj Kal.

According to Cheryl Greene, the spokeswoman of the ARWWB, the trouble started last year itself when Yash Raj Films started the practice of reverse discrimination by hiring only black and brown women for its major song and dance sequences. ARWWB has even moved a petition in the High Court against the Yash Raj Films.

“This entire process started with the movie Tashan. Some of our members decided to not dance in the background of the song ‘white white face’ as they had apprehensions about the message it would send to lecherous Indians who had already made the life miserable for white faced cheerleaders during the IPL. Yash Raj then played the diversity card and started hiring black and other Indian women, who agreed to dance for much lesser prices.” Cheryl informed.

A copy of the lawsuit which we acquired through our sources in the High Court also revealed that the Association was against Yash Raj Films setting all their plots in the United States instead of India. Rhonda Williams a member of the Association, who had shown her cleavage in many Bollywood movies, said “How can Yash Raj Films be so insensitive? By not giving us work and shooting abroad, they are kicking us where it hurts the most – and that is our stomach.” Rhoda clarified.

A senior production assistant in Yash Raj Studio, speaking on the conditions of anonymity, rubbished the allegations. “True, we have had some movies shot in the USA, like New York, where we had to employ Indians, but only if you consider Katrina Kaif as an Indian. Furthermore, some movies like Dil Bole Hadippa had no scope for white women as they would have overshadowed Rani Mukherjee. But look at how much work we gave them in a single movie like Chak De India.”

But some feel that the white women need not worry. A camera assistant, who worked in the movie Tashan said, “There is nothing to worry about as far as these white women are concerned. Everyone knows Indians love white meat. Why do you think chicken or fish sells more than goat? And besides, it was us behind the camera who wanted black women in Tashan, so that Kareena’s so-called size zero figure could actually look like one when contrasted with the background.”

The first hearing in this case shall commence next week as the case would be overseen by a fast-track court given its national importance.