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Lalu Yadav demands royalty from producers of upcoming movie ‘Raid’ thinking it’s a biopic on him

09, Feb 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

The first look poster of Ajay Devgn’s upcoming film Raid was released recently. The poster managed to pique the curiosity of the viewers precisely because the actor was sitting between wads of cash and stacks of gold bars. It is a fact well known by now that Devgn is playing a stern income tax officer in his next. But the title of the movie and the poster has created a new controversy, as Lalu Yadav has demanded royalty from the producers of the movie thinking that it is based on the raids conducted at his house.

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There have been umpteen number of raids at the RJD chief’s residence since last 12 months. CBI, income tax and many other law making agencies have visited his premises in connection with one or the other scam. Lalu Yadav is pretty sure that the scriptwriters of the movie ‘Raid’ would have collected a lot of material from his own life as his life is the personification of ‘Raid’, no other politician has faced as many raids as Lalu Yadav. His sons Tejasvi and Tej Pratap have asked the Nitish Kumar government to pressurize the producers to pay the royalty or else they will not allow the film to be released in Bihar.

Ajay Devgn and the producers have clarified in a press conference that the film is inspired by the the real life I-T raids that were conducted by Indian Revenue Services back in the ’80s. But lalu is not the one to back down. He has submitted the photos and other proofs of cash and gold found at his residence which resembles to the photo shown in the movie poster. Lalu has threatened to take the producers to court and fight it out with the help of laws made to protect copyrights of a person. We wonder why did Vijay Mallya not demand royalty for the movie ‘Karz’ !!