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Law College honours Salman Khan for continuously providing 100% employment to all its graduates

18, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A local law college has decided to honour Bollywood superstar Salman Khan for ensuring placement for all of its graduates over the past two decades. Salman Khan has had long cases for hit and run, poaching, and for possessing rifle and revolver. All these cases that lasted decades have served the lawyer community very well.

Salman Khan
Biggest job provider for lawyers

As the cases dragged on, number of lawyers used by Salman and the government kept increasing, along with the law school interns they hired. To recognize this enormous contribution, Mumbai law school has decided to hold a special function to honour Salman Khan.

“During past 18 years, our institute has grown from a small institute to one of the leading law colleges in the country and it is all thanks to Salman Bhai. As the cases kept rolling in, so did new students for us as everyone was impressed with how well our students were doing outside. The longer the cases dragged, longer the queue outside our campus of young students seeking admission. Salman Bhai is like an angel for this institute”, the college chairman told Faking News.

“We were a bit worried when the hit and run case ended but we underestimated the potential of poaching cases. High Court acquittal has been challenged in Supreme Court and we continue to be in business. For such a high profile celebrity, one or two lawyers don’t suffice, they need a huge team of lawyers and all those lawyers need a huge team of interns. In short, we are loving these cases”, the chairman added.

He did express disappointment with Sanjay Dutt though for not doing anything for the employment of lawyers ever since his release from Yerawada Prison.