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Leaked conversation reveals how Gul Panag joined AAP

15, Mar 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Chandigarh. AAP has got hold of yet another celebrity, but sources reveal that the latest one could be a case of mistaken identity. Shaitaan Khopdi™ accessed the transcript of the telephone conversation between actor and her secretary Shukla ji.

Gul: Shukla ji, what are my today’s appointments? Any invite to dinner, party or fashion show?

Shukla: Maam you don’t have any appointment today. Feel free to tweet whole day and post Selfie. Chetan Bhagat has already tagged you in 2 tweets since morning.

Gul: Shukla ji you are not doing your job properly… Since last 2 years you couldn’t get any movie proposal or any party invite for me.

Shukla: Errr…. Maam there is one invite for a party… But…

That’s how it happened.

Gul: No if, no but. Tell them I am ready for it…

ShuklaBut Maam ek bar sun to lijiye…

Gul: What is there to listen? It’s just a party invite after all. Ok tell me, will there be Page 3 people in the party?

Shukla: Yes

Gul: Will there be media?

Shukla: Yes, Full On.

Gul: And dinner?

Shukla: Yes. And others will pay for it, not you.

GulFir soch kya rahe ho? Haan bolo meri taraf se. Party ki theme kya hai?

ShuklaKrantikaari… Bahut Krantikaari.

GulKya baat… Any dress code?

Shukla: Umm… yes you have to wear a Topi.


Shukla: And a muffler too.

Gul: Cool. Where is the party? Where am I supposed to go?

Shukla: Could be anywhere… Janter Manter, Ramlila Maidaan, in front of BJP office or Mumbai local train. Ashutosh will SMS you where to reach. Make sure you wear an AAP cap when you take Selfie to post on twitter.

Gul: Wait a minute…why AAP cap?

Shukla: You are joining AAP naa. Topi pehnogi nahi to pehnaaogi kaise?

Gul: So all this while you were talking about Aam Admi Party invite? I thought we were talking about some Page 3 Party invite.

Shukla: But madam, I just SMS’d AAP leaders and now they have told everyone in media, and honest media has made it a breaking news. I think you should join it madam. If you deny, you might be branded a Modi supporter.

And that’s how Gul Panag agreed to join AAP. AAP people celebrated by gathering in front of party office, this time in front of their own office. Ashutosh immediately tweeted “Happy to sea @GulPanag joining AAP. Savita Bhabhi disappointed us, but I am sure Glue will help supporters stay with the party.(sic)”