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Leaked "PK2" plot causes controversy, enrages Muslim heads and organizations

12, Jan 2015 By Salman Ravoof

Mumbai. Having caused enough controversies on its own, PK is embroiled in a new dispute over religion. Only this time it’s Islam.

The hack suffered by UTV Motion Pictures last week leaked sensitive confidential data such as personal information of employees, emai exchanges, scripts of unreleased films, and other information.

Of all the information that was leaked, the plot of PK2 is the most interesting. Released just a few weeks ago, PK has already shattered almost all Bollywood records. It is also now the highest grossing film of all time in the subcontinent. It’s only fitting that its sequel’s plot will garner this much attention.

“We were just joking”

The email exchanges between Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Aamir Khan and Siddharth Roy Kapur, the head of Disney India, the parent company of UTV Motion Pictures, gave away most of the plot of PK2.

While the first movie tackled the malaise of religion and its rituals through the lens of Hinduism and its self-appointed godmen, its sequel is taking a turn towards dark humour.

According to Rajkumar Hirani, “If PK was our Batman Begins, PK2 will be our The Dark Knight. If PK was our Golmaal, this will be our Golmaal 2? Let’s discuss more on this.”

As Aamir Khan mentioned in one of his email exchanges, “When it comes to Islam, we need to be really careful. A direct slapstick comedy will not be as pragmatic as dark humour, and believe me, there is a lot of that to cover when it comes to Islam.”

“Learn the dos and don’ts from Vishwaroopam. We need to deliver our message, but at the same time avoid any trouble. And the producers should be happy too,” he added.  

If PK melted the alleged brains of Hindu fanatics and piqued the interest of other religionists, PK2 is sure to do the same with Muslim apologists if things go according to plan. The script, which is still in the planning stages, discusses controversial topics such as sharia law, apostasy, fatwas, burqa, subjugation of women, terrorism and its subsequent apologia, religion of peace, and much more.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the producer of the film, was a bit apprehensive about the serious plot though. “We need to be a bit careful guys. I like how the script is coming along, but will the public like it? This is Bollywood after all, and our film PK is now the highest grossing movie of all time.”

Siddharth Roy Kapur shared the same sentiments. “I’m a bit skeptical, but I like how this is developing. Any chance Aditya can be written into the plot? If possible add in a spot for Kunal too. That would be great.”

Naturally, with religion involved, there are bound to be some controversies. One Muslim cleric has already doled out a fatwa against Aamir Khan for not being a true protector of Islam. Ironically, Aamir considers himself to be a Muslim too. There is a clash of thoughts between the old and the new here; between the reformists and the extremists. Like always, the moderates are caught in between doing nothing, save for apologia.

Speaking on behalf of all the Muslims across the world, Maulana Muharram Azad stated, “We liked how PK made fun of religions, especially a polytheistic religion such as Hinduism. Those two odd scenes about wine and fatwas made me a bit uncomfortable though. But this is growing beyond our control now. Who knew they would target Islam next? It’s the religion of peace after all.”

Echoing the same sentiments, Tablighi Jannat head Mahmud Alam was also sorely disappointed with the latest developments.

“You cannot hurt our religious sentiments in the form of entertainment, let alone education. It’s true we like the concept of freedom of speech and secularism, but we don’t want to go against the seventh-century doctrines either. It’s not our choice to make. The rules have already been written and interpreted.”

A few Muslim organisations have already asked the government to place a premature ban on the movie.

“There will be dire consequences if such a movie gets released. Please ban it. We cannot control what all our Muslim brothers and sisters watch,” replied Peace Channel head Abdul Khan after the controversy over the leaked plot broke out.

When asked whether the film’s main villain Joker Naik is based on a popular Muslim speaker here in India, Rajkumar Hirani had only one thing to say, “No comments dear brothers and sisters.”

It remains to be seen whether PK2 lives up to its hype. That is if it gets made, and then be allowed to release, and subsequently not get banned.