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The list for this year's most effective beauty products is out; photoshop retains the top spot

08, Sep 2017 By Akash Vadera

Every year Femina releases its list of Top Beauty Products for the year. There are many products that get repeated every year in the list due to their benefits and popularity. Lakme and Olay are amongst those frequently repeated ones this year. However, one product has been ranked number one since the last three years and it still sits at the top this year. That product is Adobe’s Photoshop.


We took a short consumer survey to find out the popularity of this product. We asked a woman why she prefers photoshop over other beauty products, to which she replied “Name one other product that can make you look fair, tall, lean and smart, all at the same time.” We asked similar questions to other women and their replies were “I have been a loyal consumer of fair and lovely. What it couldn’t do in 4 years, photoshop did in 4 minutes.” Another woman replied “You must have seen the BEFORE & AFTER TeleBrands ads. To get to the after phase, you need to toil hard for 4-5 months. Using photoshop, I got into the ‘AFTER’ phase in just 4-5 clicks. No doubt it is the best slimming product.” It is not just the women, but also men who are using this product on a large scale. We also asked men about their reasons for using this product. To which we got replies such as “I am a mechanical engineer. How else do you think I will get a girlfriend?”, “Why spend ten thousand on a gym membership when you can spend just 1K on photoshop; zero if you use torrent to download it.” In fact, one of the guys replied that he uses photoshop because his friend who had been single for 25 years got a girlfriend due to his edited social media pictures. This clearly states that excellent word of mouth is the major reason for the popularity of this product.

Let us see how it holds up in the year 2018 as there are many new beauty products lined up such as new Instagram filters, new Snapchat filters and most importantly ‘Everyone is beautiful on the inside’.