As lockdown enters second week, Kabir Singh admits that kaamwali bai, alcohol and cigarette more important than Preeti

01, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

Lockdown has entered the second week and like most citizens of the country, things aren’t as good for Kabir Singh as well.

Kabir-Singh final

Protagonist of the eponymous movie today admitted that love has not taken a backseat, it is not even visible in the distant horizon.

The house surgeon today admitted that kaamwali bai, alcohol and cigarette are more important than Preeti.

This admission came after he exhausted the last packet of cigarette and finished the only bottle of Blenders Pride he had.

“Not just that. Kaamwali Bai too has not come since the last 10 days. I have to do all teh utensils, jhaadu-pochha and cooking. I know she has been at the receiving end of my angry outburst several times. Lekin pichle dus dino mein, izzat badh gayi hai kaamwali bai ki meri nazaron mein,” he admitted while pouring his heart out to our reporter.

Kabir also shockingly admitted that in these last 10 days, the thought of Preeti didn’t cross his mind even once.

The aforementioned admission got many of Kabir’s fans worried. Some called it withdrawal symptoms, while others asked for help on social media.

Few even wondered if the news of a man digging tunnel to the nearest paan-beedi shop looking for cigarette was actually Kabir Singh.

The surgeon however denied doing any such thing.

Meanwhile, team India coach Ravi Shastri has offered help Kabir and said that he’d offer some of his stock to Kabir till the lockdown ends.