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Are there any more love making scenes, I will wait: Night King reacts after watching Arya-Gendry get intimate

24, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

The Night King and his army of dead is all set to attack Winterfell. However, he does not want to interrupt any love making scenes between the characters and is ready to wait till they are done with it.

night king2

A spokesperson for the Night King said that thought he is dead, the respected the needs of the living. The King himself was sarcastic while speaking to our reporter.

From the outskirts of Winterfell, armed with his army and a dragon he remarked, “What is going on. First it was Jon-Daenerys who expressed their love for each other. Now it is Arya and Gendry. How can they even think of love making when entire mankind is on the brink of death.”

“I am half expecting Brienne and Jaime to make out in the next episode. And if that Tyrion has his way, he’d sleep with every whore left in Winterfell. How much longer do I have to wait before I attack,” he added.

The King also said that though he was leading an army of dead, they needed food to survive. “Not to mention that humongous dragon. If we don’t attack soon, who is to satiate his hunger,” questioned the spokesperson.

The army of the dead has now requested Jon Snow to hand over a list of any further romantic liaisons that are likely to happen.

Last week Delhi CM Kejriwal, urged the characters to forget their differences and form Mahagatbandhan to defeat White Walkers. The Night King however scoffed at the threat and said, “Sansa doesnt get along with Daenerys. Jaime and Bran have a not so good past. How do you expect them to form a Mahagatbandhan. Someone please tell Kejriwal to stick to his desperate attempt to form alliance with Congress.”