Lovely University awards honorary doctorate to Sunny Leone for her contribution to the well being of engineering students

13, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bollywood star and adult entertainer Sunny Leone added another feather to her cap on her 35th bday after Lovely University honored her with a doctorate, acknowledging that fact that her movies had a major role to play in the well-being of engineering students, especially from the Mechanical Engineering department.

Honored for her contribution to the well being of engineering students
Honored for her contribution to the well being of engineering students

At a function to honor the actress, the Vice-Chancellor of the university said, “It gives me immense pleasure to honor Sunny Leone today for her contribution to films which have in turn contributed to the overall well being of students and faculty. Engineering can be very demanding and stressful and its important to de-stress at times.”

“You guys are very lucky. I too am an engineer and I remember when we were studying we went to the theater and had to remember those scenes after going back to hostel rooms. But now, all you need is to do a Google Search and you get all the entertainment that you need,” he added.”

This is not the first time when bollywood actors have been awarded doctorate, but definitely a first for an adult entertainer.

Although Sunny looked a little out of place wearing the robe and all covered up, she couldn’t hold herself from expressing her gratitude.

Addressing a jam packed auditorium filled with mostly male students, she said, “I am very happy and feel blessed. Just like engineering my work too is very physically demanding. But it all feels worth today. Honestly a few days back I was talking to someone about retiring from adult entertainment and immediately got calls from TOI to reconsider my decision. I wasn’t really sure, but today I feel like there is still a few years of it left in me.”

Sources say that the University has allocated dedicated servers in every hostel that will host Sunny Leone’s movies. A ribbon cutting ceremony of the server rooms is also scheduled later in the day that will see the actress gracing the occasion.