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Mahesh Bhatt undertakes journey to the deepest part of the human body

27, Mar 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Inspired by Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron, who undertook a journey to the deepest point of the earth, Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt today undertook a journey to the deepest part of the human body to better understand the issues he deals with in his movies like Jism, Paap, Murder, Zeher, Nazar, etc. and various other movies revolving around the lips of Emraan Hashmi.

“Human Body is to me what Ocean & Earth is to James Cameron,” Mahesh Bhatt said after completing the journey that started with lips and ended at an undisclosed location.

Sunny Leone
Mahesh Bhatt had earlier denied that his meeting with Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss was any sort of bodily exploration

Bhatt denied that he had copied or plagiarized James Cameron’s idea, claiming there was nothing like “originality”. When probed further, Bhatt defended his actions by scratching the back of the Faking News reporter.

The journey was taken through a surgical camera that was put inside a human being’s body. Bhatt sat on a chair that moved in sync with the movement of the camera and wore special glasses that helped him witness the hitherto unexplored parts of the human body.

“It was majestic. I could feel as if I’m in a different world, as I feel when I see my own movies,” Bhatt shared his experience, “Till now I was busy with outer parts of the body – like lips, biceps, breasts, buttocks, etc. – but the human body has so much to offer! I will soon make Jism 3.”

Unconfirmed sources suggest that it was Sunny Leone, who volunteered to offer her body for this corporeal expedition, but Mahesh Bhatt refused to give the details.

“I was never interested in her body, or anybody’s body for that matter,” the filmmaker claimed, “It was my lifelong dream to understand the human body from inside and outside.”

Mahesh Bhatt vehemently denied suggestions that Emraan Hashmi was the deepest part of the human body.