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Makers of Singh is Bling unhappy with Sikh community for not protesting before movie release

06, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: After failing to make any dent at the box office, makers of Singh is Bling are trying to look at reasons and have squarely blamed the Sikh community for the dismal performance of the movie.

No Bling without protests
No Bling without protests

Speaking to Faking News director Parbu Dheva said, “We had huge expectations from the Sikh community. We thought that the sight of a bollywood actor wearing a turban, appearing goofy, and dancing around skimpily clad women, would be good enough for them to burn movie posters. It worked for so many other movies with a Sikh protagonist. I fail to understand why it didn’t work for us.”

Trade analyst and occasional movie critic Tarun Adarsh agreed with the makers of the movie and said, “Protests are the 5th P of marketing, at least in bollywood. Many mediocre and downright nonsensical movies have done good business because they managed to generate controversy. That coupled with a little help from media can do much more than any amount of paid marketing campaigns.”

Apparently, Parbu Dheva met with some local Sikh politicians to find out as to why they didn’t outrage over the ‘portrayal of Sikhs in bollywood movies’.

The producers were also looking for some publicity from Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal , who is fond of watching latest bollywood flicks first day first show and later tweeting about them. But, last week he did some administrative work for a change and in the process missed catching up on the new releases.

Meanwhile, the producers of the movie have not given up yet and already planning a third installment.

“Singh is Bling may not have given us the results we expected, but we are already working on the script of our next movie. Maybe we should stop relying on one particular community for creating hype and probably look at more reliable sources like Sakshi Maharaj and Azam Khan to create controversies before movie release,” said an Assistant Director of the movie.