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Male IT employees skipping IPL on TV to watch ‘Bade Achchhe Lagte Hain’

09, May 2012 By Break Fail

Bangalore. While most of the men are reportedly watching IPL matches on TV, a recent study has revealed that an overwhelming majority of men working in the IT industry are preferring to watch family dramas and serials like ‘Bade Achchhe Lagte Hain’ and ‘Pavitra Rishta’. These include men of all ages and marital status i.e. not just those who could be giving a company to their wives.

“These men have at least a year of experience in working with different IT companies and now they are no longer interested in sports like cricket and football,” Pratik, a researcher told Faking News, “It is due to the fact that they have undergone hormonal changes that are normally associated with women.”

The researcher claimed that a report published by Texas Medical Center (TMC) had confirmed the presence of a newly diagnosed disease named TDilS (Testosterone Diluting Syndrome) in 92.73% of the male IT employees, especially those working in India.

Bade Achchhe Lagte Hain
Men are also watching it

“Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone that is getting threatened due to working conditions in the IT companies,” Pratik claimed, “Most of the men working in IT companies are only virtual men.”

The TMC report blames office culture like bitching about colleagues who sit next to one’s cubicle, spending most of their incomes on shopping and buying branded stuffs, choosy about colors, giving undue importance and overreacting to trivial issues like treating ‘bugs’ in softwares as ‘baaghs’ (Tiger in Hindi), etc. for fall in the hormones.

The report has expectedly filled IT employees in India with horror.

“Man, I think this could be true!” Satish (name changed) working in an IT company said, “I used to be a Don back in my engineering college. I used to rag kids from the junior batches and watch porn daily, which proves that I am a male, but I don’t what has happened now. I’m getting ragged by my offshore clients and I just cannot feel ‘it’ when I watch porn!”

“In fact, I actually bitched about my saas (mother-in-law, not Software As A Service) to my friend yesterday!” he recalled, “Oh God! What’s happening to me!”

Satish has demanded that government should allow men to watch porn not only in legislative assemblies but also in IT companies.

But sources claim that IT companies may not help the male employees. The companies have secretly welcomed the findings as they hope that they could get tax reliefs from the government for solving the low sex-ratio in India, sources claim.

“We can’t allow them to watch porn!” owner of an IT company told Faking News when contacted, “But we can allow them to watch YouTube clippings of those saas-bahu serials.”

(reported by Saikat Basu)