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Man becomes so saavdhaan after watching ‘Saavdhaan India’ that he no longer steps out of his house, to avoid getting murdered

20, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Pune: A huge fan of the crime show ‘Saavdhaan India’ has become so alert after watching the show that he no longer leaves his home. Ankit Rane stays at home all the time and doesn’t even meet his friends and family to save his life, and to stop any attempted burglary at his house.

Saavdhaan India
Saavdhaan India!

Saavdhaan India airs 5-6 times every day on Life OK and shows dramatized version of real life crimes. Most of the crimes in the show are committed by relatives, close friends, and colleagues. That is why Ankit is avoiding all of them and refusing to meet anyone.

Speaking to Faking News over the phone, Ankit said, “My life is more important to me than anything else. These days, everyone is out to kill everyone else, I have seen it on TV. Brother kills brother, colleague kills colleague, father kills son, best friend kills best friend, you can see it all on Saavdhaan India. Thanks to them, I have become really alert and managed to stay alive till now.”

“You can’t even step out of the house as someone will be waiting to run you over with a truck. I have decided to never get married either as the newly wed bride starts plotting to kill the husband on the day of the marriage itself. I have learnt all this from this TV show and thanks to them, I am never going to get killed”, Ankit went on to add.

Ankit isn’t even stepping out to eat and orders all his meals from the local fast food chain. He leaves the money outside the door and instructs the delivery boy to leave the meals there as he has seen in few episodes that delivery boys also kill people.

Earlier Ankit was planning to leave everything behind and head to Himalayas to protect himself but then he saw an episode in which someone was killed after he was thrown off a mountain cliff.