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Man calls real Uday Chopra to perform at his wedding as the lookalike was charging more

20, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: A wedding is a big day for everyone. People have certain plans and investments to make this day the most memorable one. Some choose unique expensive themes, some add new dishes to the menu, some have innovations added by their planner and so on. There is a new craze to call Bollywood stars to perform nowadays, every celebrity has a charge and a rate card. It depends on the popularity of the star and the prize everyone charges vary.


Even 3 tier stars like Aftab, Uday Chopra, Fardeen Khan, and Tusshar Kapoor get invites from big weddings and they are earning quite a lot through these invites. In a very recent wedding function of Harneet Ahuja, there was a plan to call the lookalike of Uday Chopra to perform at the wedding but the charges were so exorbitant that Harneet was not able to afford it, and that is the reason he had to book real Uday Chopra’s date to come and perform at the wedding.

Although there was no much difference between the performances, it’s just that the Uday Chopra lookalike is much more in demand than the real Uday Chopra as he gets more and more invites while the real Uday Chopra gets very less invites. And same is the case for the lookalikes of Fardeen, Aftab, Vivek, and Tusshar.