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Man caught sending unsolicited images of KRK to women; Arrested

07, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar
On Friday, a resident of Noida was arrested by the UP Police after a couple of women on Social Media accused him of sending unsolicited pics of KRK (Kamal R Khan). A Twitter user alleged that the man had sent her explicit pictures of KRK and calling it funny. Soon more and more women joined her, making it a social media campaign.
A girl tweeted:
“This man sends KRK’s pics thinking they’re funny. No, they’re not. You can’t do this under the garb of comedy!”
She also tagged his employer asking him to immediately fire the man from his job. krk
UP Police responded to the series of tweets saying that they will look into the matter on priority. However, by then the man had issued an apology for his behaviour and cited his poor medical condition as a reason behind watching Deshdrohi and consequently sharing KRK images all day all night.
Later in the evening, UP police nabbed the man from a cyber cafe where he was caught red-handed while downloading the images of KRK. The predator had 17 tabs open at the same time. Police have recovered 460 GB of data from a hard disk and 6 smartphones that he used to send these images to women. The man has now been arrested under the IPC 121 of Section 743 for obscenity.