Person sends message on WA group that Katrina 'acted' in Bharat, reprimanded by cyber police for spreading fake news

16, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Surat: A local man has claimed that he saw an expression on Katrina Kaif’s face while watching Bharat. Sanil Jain, a big Katrina fan had sent a message on his college Whatsapp group about Katrina being the actor in Bharat. Just after 5 minutes of him sending the message, he was arrested by the cyber police on the pretext of spreading fake news. 781252-katrina-bharat

Sanil Jain spoke to Faking News and had this to say, ” I just informed my friends who were discussing Salman Khan movies that Katrina is the actor in his latest movie Bharat. I never meant to say that Katrina has acted in the movie. I never told that she had expressions on her face. I cannot lie that much.”

But the cyber police is too strict nowadays on people spreading rumors and Sanil bore the brunt of their action even though he never intended to spread fake news. Katrina fans who are celebrating her birthday today have taken offence by Sanil’s comment about her acting in a movie as the fans believe that Katrina doesn’t need to act as she is so beautiful and she fills the screen with charm and glamour whenever she appears on it.