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Man decides to cheat girlfriend after watching Emotional Atyachaar

27, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. 25-year-old Utkarsh has decided to cheat on his girlfriend Kavita, with whom he has been going steady for over six years now, after he watched some episodes of a television reality show called Emotional Atyachaar that documents and broadcasts unfaithfulness among young Indian couples. Apart from sending feelers to random girls that he knows, Utkarsh has also registered on an online dating website to secure a parallel girlfriend.

“Everyone does it man, everyone is double timing and enjoying their lives, and here I am sticking to the old school of love and loyalty. I think infidelity is the in-thing and I should go for it.” said Utkarsh, who had proposed to Kavita some six years ago, after being convinced that getting a valentine was the in-thing in those days after some old fashioned guys had protested against it.

Utkarsh doesn’t believe that the episodes of Emotional Atyachaar could be staged. “No man, it’s a reality show, not any movie.” said Utkarsh, who checked and frisked our reporter to be sure that he was not any undercover agent of Emotional Atyachaar with a hidden camera trying to conduct a “loyalty test” upon him on behalf of Kavita.

Emotional Atyachar
Prized human qualities like jealousy, profanity, infidelity and shamelessness are most likely to get televised, say many experts

It’s not for the first time when Utkarsh has thought of cheating his girlfriend. Earlier, he had felt like doing so when he had seen a few people admitting to have cheated their partners in another reality show Sach Ka Saamna, but he dropped the idea as he thought that people participating in that particular reality show were greedy.

“They were saying things for money, it was unethical.” argued Utkarsh, who prides himself upon his ethics and having been raised by IAS parents who were never caught (on camera) taking any bribe till date.

The move by Utkarsh has caused a wide debate among the social circles in India. While a few saw no problem with such programs, others felt that television was getting out of hand.

“Utkarsh is being raised by television now. His IAS parents can take a break and a bribe if they want.” said British Kandy, a sociologist, who believes that soon there would be a television reality show on corruption called Professional Atyachaar, which would make bribe takers feel at ease with their conscience.