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Man decides to lose his memory to enjoy old suspense movies all over again

16, Oct 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Fed up with the quality of suspense flicks being churned out in the last few years, a 22-year- old movie buff Filmi Kumar has decided to completely lose his memory so that he can enjoy some of the old suspense classics all over again with a clean slate and excitement of a first timer.

“Stop this nonsense,” screamed the man after watching recent suspense films

Filmi had been patiently waiting for last couple of years for some decent Bollywood movie in the suspense-thriller genre to release, before he decided to take this drastic step. He apparently took this decision after coming out of a theatre showing Race 2.

“There are no gripping suspense films being made anymore and none left that I haven’t seen. Nowadays the only twists in the films is when the item songs suddenly pop on your screen just when you least expect them too,” said a hapless looking Filmi who has now watched Agent Vinod thrice for lack of options.

“Sometimes I wish Vijay Anand had fathered 15-16 kids who would have carried forward his legacy,” Filmi said pointing to DVDs of Teesri Manzil and Jewel Thief.

Whle Filmi’s decision has been welcomed by many other moviegoers, some others are unhappy with him for suggesting that no good suspense-thrillers are being made in Bollywood.

“It would be foolish to suggest that Sallu bhai and SRK don’t make smart thrillers. Sallu bhai gave us Wanted. Although it’s a different matter that we fans couldn’t understand the twists. But even their normal films have lot of suspense. Guessing how many times Sallu bhai will remove his shirt and how many time SRK will stammer keeps you on the edge of your seats,” said a rare fan of both stars.

Filmi has been thinking of ways in which he can forget the plot of old suspense movies. He has been reading biographies of likes of Aamir Khan, who has forgotten that he acted in movies like Mela, and of businessman Anil Ambani, who forgot about Swan telecom.

But experts believe he is trying too hard.

“People conveniently forget scams, rapes, poor governance, and everything that has been plaguing the country for long. You don’t need any special skills for forgetting if you are from India!”an election analyst said.