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Man excited about once again sleeping till late on Monday mornings after Game of Thrones season finale

27, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: Now that Game of Thrones season has ended, 25 yrs old Avinash is excited about waking up late on Monday mornings. For the past 10 weeks, Avinash was getting up at 6:30 AM to catch the latest episode of the epic HBO series before anyone could spoil it for him with spoilers.

Game Of Thrones
The winter has come!

Avinash usually gets up around 9 AM even though his office starts at 9:30 AM but he was getting up at 6:30 AM on Mondays even without the help of a morning alarm. His schedule will change dramatically now as he adjusts his body clock to Post-GoT season calendar.

“Finally I can sleep till 9 AM on Mondays. For the past 10 weeks, it was crazy. I used to get up at 6:30 AM, stream the latest episode of GoT, and after that, I used to have time remaining for a bath, shave and breakfast too. 9:30 AM feels really late for office if you get up so early. However, now that the season is over, I can sleep peacefully on Mondays too and reach office late like all the other days”, Avinash said.

When we asked Avinash why didn’t he see the episodes in the evening, he said,”Oh no, that ruins all the fun. People tell you spoilers about the day’s episode so it is very important to catch it as early as possible. If you wait for the evening then there is nothing left to watch. Your colleagues whisper the deaths of the week in your ears, your family members share details on WhatsApp and Facebook, and strangers ruin it for you on Twitter. There is absolutely no way to avoid these spoilers; they are like AAP Government’s ads. Therefore, I had to make the great sacrifice of getting up early mornings to watch it but thankfully, I can sleep peacefully now for the next 40 odd Mondays.”

Meanwhile, Avinash’s boss is trying to get Avinash addicted to more US TV Shows to ensure he gets up early every day of the week.