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Man forcibly taken to watch Dilwale by wife, marks himself safe on FB during the first half

06, Dec 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Delhi: Balveer Monani a resident of Nirman Vihar who was forcibly taken to watch Dilwale by his wife Mrs. Sapna Monani apparently created a heated debate on Social media by marking himself as safe during the movie screening.

The movie that resulted in Balveer's existential crisis
The movie that resulted in Balveer’s existential crisis

His act divided the whole social media space in three equal parts one consisted of Shahrukh fans, 2nd consisted of Salman fans and 3rd were normal people. These 3 groups then fought with each other on Facebook and twitter for around 3 hours before #KejriwalKaStrongJokePal started trending and twitter users again re-grouped into 3 groups, Kejri-fans, Kejri-worshippers and normal people.

Talking to media Balveer clarified his stance, “I had little hope that I’ll still be sane when I am back after watching an SRK movie. Although I didn’t expect it to be as bad as Sajid’s Humshakals but the wounds of Happy New Year are still fresh. That movie was also called a comedy apparently. Anyhow in the movie hall I was playing subway surfer on my new OnePlusTwo and didn’t even look at the movie screen hence I was actually saved from the movie’s wrath. But since a lot of my friends were at home praying for me, I marked myself as safe on FB. What’s the big deal?”

Balveer later however confessed that during the 2nd half of the movie he did start to watch the movie and as a result started to ponder upon existential questions such as meaning of life, truth behind space-time and reality of after-life.

While Balveer may have sparked a temporary social media debate, the repercussion of this incident included some of the worst tweets being re-tweets the most. Two of the tweets which were most re-tweeted (for no apparent reasons) during the whole incident are:

You shouldev marked yourself safe during Bodyguard or Shandaar. But Mark yourself safe in Diwale? Kidding me? #SRKRocksSalluMocks ~ @UltimateKiddo420

SRK is my God, he is like the God King Xerxes. Perhaps KJo is Xerxes. Anyhow both are Kings. #SRKRocksSalluMocks ~ @LeonidasKiBeti