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Man fraudulently lands a role in Karan Johar movie after claiming to be a Kapoor, later found to be Yadav from UP

14, Jun 2018 By @jurnoleast

A wannabe actor who fraudulently claimed to be related to Kapoor family was arrested today for duping director Karan Johar into launching him in a bollywood movie. The case was lodged at Juhu police station by Dharma Productions. It was later found out that the impostor was a mechanic from UP who wanted to make a career in bollywood.

Cops say that 26 year old man landed in Mumbai just a few months back and shared his portfolio with Dharma Productions after changing his name to Varun Kapoor to maximize his chances of being launched. Sources say that the increasing number of Kapoors and Khans in the industry may have prompted him take this step.

Senior officials at Dharma Productions too admitted that it was a lapse on their part. “We usually have auditions for formality sake and didn’t really bother to do a background check on this guy. He claimed to be a distant cousin of Sonam Kapoor. And showed us some photoshopped images with the actress. That was good enough for us as star kids are exempt from proving their acting skills,” said the official.

Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav was livid at the news of a UP boy being refused a role in bollywood movie. He threatened Karan Johar with dire consequences if the discrimination did not stop. Sources say that Mulayam Singh made a late night call to Karan and said, “I will find you and vacate you from your bungalow. I will also take away the taps from your bathroom. Tum ladke ho aur ladkon se galti ho jati hai. Lekin hum sirf naam se Mulayam hain kaam se kaafi sakth.”

Karan has not yet responded to Mulayam’s call.