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Man gets sensitive tooth after watching TV advertisement

09, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: If you thought TV commercials don’t influence viewers, then you need to read this. Ashish Verma, a Delhi based businessman, who was in pink of health, suddenly complained of tooth ache after watching TV ad of a popular toothpaste brand.

Dr. Niharika convincing her patient that he has tooth problem
Dentist convincing her patient that he has sensitive teeth

Speaking to Faking News Ashish said, “I have a sweet tooth and do regularly consume ice-creams and soft drinks. Everything was fine till I saw this ad on TV where a pretty looking lady dentist talks about sensitive teeth. After watching the ad I was convinced that I had a bad case of tooth sensitivity. Now, even if I think of ice-cream I can’t control myself from screaming.”

However, Mr. Verma’s obsession with screaming isn’t going down well with his wife. “Initially I thought my husband really had a problem and needed medical attention. I asked him to go to a dentist, but he refused. All he does is scream all day like a Carnatic singer, saying that he has  ‘tooth-ache’. He has also got a year’s supply of that toothpaste brand, ads of which he watched on TV,” said Mrs. Verma speaking from her mother’s house, refusing to go back till her husband gets over his sensitive tooth obsession.

Ashish’s friends too are not exempt from his ‘tooth sensitivity’ issues. “In the last one week, he has uploaded around 50 ‘tooth selfies’ on Facebook and twitter, and audio clips with his screams on sound cloud. We are all fed up with him and most of us planning to unfollow him on social media,” said a close friend.

Mr. Verma realizes the problem, but says it’s beyond his control. “It’s probably gone into my subconscious,” he said.

Marketing expert and part-time homeopath Dr. Bakra, who tasted success by spamming his target market with mails and sms, agrees that it is a matter of convincing people that they have a problem even if they don’t.

“Images work wonders in this case. I have convinced so many men that they have a hair loss problem just by showing them before and after pics of men balding and how women like men with a head full of hair. Scaring the shit out of them is core to our business. If we have to survive, unka Darna Zaroori hai,” he said.