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Man goes to multiplex to watch Manto, comes out with a degree in Urdu

27, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

It was supposed to be weekend movie outing for Delhi resident Ashish Khurana, but little did he know that Manto would be a crash course in Urdu.

“Nawazuddin is my favorite actor. I never miss any of movie. But I left bit underwhelmed with Manto. Arre movie me kuch gaali-galoch nahi. And on top of that there is so much Urdu in the movie that it starts getting into your head,” he said.

After 2 hrs of the movie, Ashish realized that he could read, write and speak the language fluently. Out of curiosity, Ashish took an online test in Urdu and not surprisingly, he cleared the test.

By the time he stepped out of the movie hall, a digital degree certificate in Urdu language landed in his inbox. His family however is not too pleased with his academic achievement.

“I had just got streaks done on my hair asked my husband how it looked. And he said zulfon ko diya hai rukh e zeba ne ajab rang-Jalwon se tere roshan hue saaye. I had no absolutely clue what language he was speaking,” said Mrs. Khurana.

The usage of Urdu in the movie was spoken about several times on social media too. Few Youtubers had shared their take on the movie. We have one such funny review called ‘Filmi Post Mortem’ shared by The Atta Boys. Check out the video here.