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Man realizes he's started to look like Radhika Apte after binge watching Netflix shows over the weekend

28, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

With a week filled with meeting project deadlines, Ashwin who is a Bengaluru based techie, decided to unwind by binge watching Sacred Games and Ghoul on Netflix. However, he go the shock of his life on Monday morning after he looked in the mirror and found his reflection resembling Radhika Apte.

With considerable amount of screen time devoted to the actress in both the aforementioned shows, there is a strong possibility that Ashwin had ‘too much of Radhika Apte’.

Apparently, his colleagues at workplace too noticed his altered appearance. “At first I thought it was really Radhika Apte. It was later when Ashwin flashed his Adhaar card, did we realize that it was mistaken identity,” said a colleague.

Things were not all that bad at workplace though. Ashwin’s boss who used to crib about his work, was extra nice to him on a Monday morning.

Later that day Ashwin visited the doctor who said that the ‘Radhika effect’ would last atleast a week.

The techie shared his situation on social media and not surprisingly many others too had similar stories to tell.

Manwhile, Netflix has refused to comment on the entire issue and chose to speak only about their upcoming project. “We have signed Radhika Apte for our next mini-series. The story, script, actors etc will be decided later,” said a spokesperson for Netflix.