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Man replaces God's idol with Sanjay Dutt's statue after watching Sanju

03, Jul 2018 By Guest Patrakar
Released just three days ago, Sanju, the biopic of Sanjay Dutt, has turned out to be the biggest blockbuster of this year. The movie has not only rocked the box office but has also succeeded in creating a perception that Sanjay Dutt has suffered more in life than what he actually deserved. The movie chronicles the suffering of Sanjay Dutt and conveniently blames media and politicians for all his wrong doings. The audience have also developed some sympathy for Sanjay Dutt and Rajkumar Hirani is already being approached by many criminals to re-brand themselves as innocent.
The movie has largely succeeded in influencing people and many people who used to call Sanjay Dutt a terrorist were seen giving him respect by calling him “Sanjay Dutt Ji” after the release of the movie. One such person got so moved seeing Sanjay Dutt’s struggles that he started calling him Dev Manush, (Godly Man). The man has also replaced God’s idol in his home with Sanjay Dutt’s idol.
Faking News Reporter spoke to him to understand the whole story better. The man said, “Dekho galat to Shri Ram aur Shri Krishna ne bhi kiya tha.. aur uhnone uski saza bhugti.. Ram ji ka jeevan kathinaiyon se bhara tha.. magar wo kisi se kuch bole nahi.. bas aise hi apne sanju baba hain.. aaj unki filam dekh ke pata chala wo kitna kuch sahe.. bas aaj se wo mere bhagwan hain“, and started crying profusely.
Many similar cases are being witnessed elsewhere as well. Some auto rickshaw drivers have changed their auto covers and in many autos, Salman Khan’s photos have been replaced with Sanjay Dutt’s photos. If sources are to be believed, the govt is planning to build a Sanju Museum beside the Gandhi Memorial Museum.