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Man says he won't watch Game Of Thrones as he doesn't want any spoilers

17, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Game of thrones latest season has premiered today on HBO, and the GOT fans have got much to cheer about after a long time for which they were waiting eagerly. But the wait has been turned into nightmare by people who are spreading rumors and spoilers like wildfire. GOT spoilers are the latest attacks on humanity after terrorism, virus attacks and many other attacks. But Harneet Ahuja, a Delhi resident has found a way to tackle the spoiler attack. Harneet chose not to watch the first episode, as he din’t want himself to expose to any spoilers.


Harneet has been a die hard GOT fan and wanted to watch the first episode badly. But he din’t realize that spoilers can make his stomach heavy and then he should tell that secret to someone to relieve the pain. Harneet has kept himself away from internet, television and all other mediums of entertainment since morning, and is only waiting for the next episode to release to be able to start his campaign.

Harneet’s story has inspired many other GoT fans to try out his method of staying away from the spoilers. Many employees are also trying to stay away from offices and other public space to stay far away from the spoilers. Even the GoT producers are thinking of first launching demo episodes, do a analysis of the spread of spoilers and then release the real episode. Though this mechanism will take some more time to get implemented, right now the best solution is to use Harneet’s technique to stay away from spoilers.