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Man seeks divorce from wife secretly married to her television

11, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Jabalpur. A man has filed a case in High Court here seeking divorce from his wife, whom he suspects of being secretly married to their television set. Bharat Keshav, 32, was shocked to find his wife Kavita, 29, romantically looking at the television screen in the living room when he came back home after a two-week business trip. Earlier, Kavita had given him a cursory and cold glance while opening the door upon his arrival.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was smile on her face and her eyes shone as she watched some shit on television. Man, she had hardly those feelings for me when I came back. I was shocked! She is more attached to her television than me. I can’t take it anymore.” Bharat said angrily.

Kavita showed more emotions while watching such soaps than while talking to him, Bharat alleges
Kavita showed more emotions while watching such soaps than while talking to him, Bharat alleges

Bharat and Kavita were married five years back and things were going fine until Kavita left her job in deference to the wishes of her in-laws. Kavita started watching television to spend her free time and gradually started getting attracted to it. Kavita was spending more time with her television than her husband. Bharat suspects that the attraction between the two grew into love and they both got married at some time. But Kavita denies the charges.

“It’s true that I started loving my television, but this talk of marriage is all bullshit. I think Bharat has lost his mental balance after watching those stupid laughter challenge shows and cricket programs like IPL on television. He thinks women are married to televisions and even bear children with them called Manu and Ranjan.” Kavita retorted, denying the charges of bigamy and infidelity.

Last year a woman in Pune was granted divorce by a court after her husband stopped her from watching television. Bharat believes that he can also get a divorce, but the legal community is divided over the fallout of that particular judgment on Bharat’s petition.

“That order clearly proved that it was a woman’s fundamental right to love television even while being in a marriage. Therefore such relationships between a woman and a television don’t amount to infidelity, and Bharat has a weak case on this count.” said Bakil Bajpai, a lawyer at Jabalpur High Court.