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Man strongly opposing ADHM on social media found secretly listening to 'Bulleya' at full volume on his headphones

30, Oct 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Delhi: In what is being regarded as an example of misplaced patriotism, 24 year old Ayush Kumar was found listening to the song “Bulleya” from “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” at ear-splitting volumes while simultaneously opposing its release and conducting debates on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Enjoying Bulleya and bashing ADHM at the same time
Enjoying Bulleya and bashing ADHM at the same time

Ayush had returned from office earlier than usual, and did not have any other work of interest or productivity to be done. He pulled out the unfinished Haldiram’s bhujia packet from the kitchen closet and sat in front of his 29-inch PC monitor.

With Bulleya running at full volume on his headphones, he started abusing all those supporting ADHM continuously on Twitter and Facebook, and ended up blocking a few return abusers on Twitter while unfriending a couple of them on Facebook.

“Basically, outrage of any kind needs to be customizable, based on the outraged person’s needs. I got outraged when I heard that a Pakistani actor is playing a cameo in ADHM, but my outrage is not against the same film’s songs,” he said.

“Similarly, I might get outraged in future when I find that most of the songs in this movie were merely copy-paste jobs, plagiarized from their Israeli, Arabic or South Asian versions, or as Pritam calls it ‘inspired’ versions. However, I will continue to like Bulleya and bash Pritam at the same time,” Ayush said as he proved his complicated stand.