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Man sues Bollywood after failing to find any real politician in recent movies

23, Feb 2014 By advancedexter

Mumbai. In a rather strange turn of events, Aryan Kejriwal, a student of the ‘Aam Add me Institute of Social Media and Management’ spent around Rs 500 which he had reserved for a Khamba of Old Monk on the recently released Gunday thinking it was a political movie.

Upon realization that it was a movie produced by the same production house which produced the worst sequel i.e. Uday Chopra, he approached Faking News for agitation purposes.

Gunday Film
Heroes in ‘Gunday’ were not politicians.

Aryan is a die hard fan of Indian politics and he said the title made him believe Yash Raj has finally moved on from the island of candy floss and senselessness to the island of reality.

He told our reporter that he expected Digvijay Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav but when he saw two chiselled actors, he was taken aback. He thought to wait for another hour but there was no trace of the Indian Parliament and its sessions.

Aryan claims that keeping equivocal titles for movies is a scam. He told he might sue YRF for cheating on the common man. He forced our reporter to join him for a protest but our reporter apparently declined the lucrative offer.

He told Faking News, Bollywood is misleading young audience to flock the theaters under the pretext of showing intelligent political cinema. He said, he earlier thought ‘Besharam’ was about Sanjay Jha but turned out to be a reunion of the Kapoor khandaan.

Another time he was fooled was when he thought Italian Job was about Sonia Gandhi. Once he was tricked into believing Talaash was about missing government files.

His girlfriend had fooled him by saying Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna was about the BJP telling Advani to stay and not quit. His friend fooled him by telling Robot is about the childhood of Manmohan Singh.

His father removed a plan from his shenanigan box and told him Shaitaan was about Kapil Sibal and Taare Zameen Par about Rahul Gandhi’s youth.

He proclaims he is not gullible but the common man is forced to fool him due to political pressure from the film fraternity.

Our reporter did not comprehend this statement. Only time will tell if this is a gimmick for attention or a serious revolution against faulty movie titles.

Aryan told us he would take this matter into his own hands and the last he was spotted outside a muffler store.