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Man supporting The Lunchbox for Oscars hasn’t even seen it

25, Sep 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A man waging an online battle tirelessly against the non-selection of recently released movie The Lunchbox as India’s official entry to Oscar was later found to have not seen the movie at all.

This not-so-shocking and quite expected revelation was unearthed when Faking News tried to get in touch with him over his views about the movie and why he felt it should have been selected instead of The Good Road.

The lunchbox
The man thought that Irrfan was reading a doctor’s prescription in this scene

Initially he was reluctant to talk about the film and only wanted us to support him by signing the online petition created by him in support of the movie.

But when this reporter lied to him claiming that he had not seen the movie, the man became confident and spoke at length about the film.

“It is a brilliant portrayal of what essential nutrients should a lunchbox have and how a middle aged man played by Irrfan Khan starts to look old because of improper and unhealthy diet,” he said.

“Infrastructure is all right, but malnutrition is an issue that deserves a preferential treatment,” he further added why he thought The Good Road came second to The Lunchbox.

When asked which part of The Lunchbox he liked most, he said, “The point where renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor appears as a guest role and tell Irrfan Khan that true love can only happen through a balanced diet.”

Unable to control his laughter, this reporter finally broke to him the story that he was lying and the movie had nothing to do with Sanjeev Kapoor, he got embarrassed and tried to escape. After the threat that his picture will be published on Faking News, he confessed that he gave in to the peer pressure of sounding intellectual on Twitter and other sites.

“Till sometime back nobody paid any attention to what I said. I had very few followers on Twitter and I lost them too by singing praises of Chennai Express, although some bots having Shahrukh Khan’s photo as profile picture did follow me. That’s when I realized that I need to sound intellectual even if I am not,” confessed the man who in reality has not even seen the trailer of The Lunchbox.

“Since last few days I had been hearing a lot about this movie and how intellectually stimulating it is, and that it got standing ovation where ever it was screened and how its non-selection has upset classes. I thought of watching it but had no money left after watching Phata Poster Nikla Hero. That’s why I faked it,” added the man.

Meanwhile Minister of Communication and Information Technology Kapil Sibal was extremely elated at this news and stormed in our office to express his happiness.

“I stand vindicated. People on Facebook and Twitter express their opinions without knowing the facts. They make jokes on Rahul Gandhi while Rahul Gandhi ji is a wise man. Rahul ji watched The Lunchbox and liked the 3D effects in the movie,” the minister claimed.