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Man who had taken a sick leave from office runs into his boss at a Kabali screening

22, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 32 yrs old Prakash ran into a very awkward situation earlier today when he went to see Kabali in a local cinema in Matunga. Prakash had taken a sick leave to be able to see Kabali on the first day and when he reached his seat, he saw his boss was sitting on the adjacent seat with the company HR present as well.

Everyone is reporting sick at work today for some reason

Thalaiva’s Kabali has released worldwide and people all over the world are rushing to catch this film starring the biggest cinematic personality in India. Some offices in Tamil Nadu had even declared a holiday on this auspicious occasion while in other places; people like Prakash are managing with a fake sick leave.

“For a minute, I didn’t know what to say. I just looked at my boss and he just stared back at me. Initially I thought I should run out of the cinema hall but you know, Thalaiva. Then I smiled awkwardly and took my chair and just keep staring at the screen. I didn’t look towards my boss and he didn’t try to chat to me. After the movie, I simply ran out of the cinema hall”, Prakash said describing his experience inside the cinema.

“I won’t be able to get away on Monday though. Hopefully he won’t fire me for just one lie. I will still keep my resignation handy though, if he starts getting angry then I will submit my resignation before he can fire me. I don’t want the humiliation of getting fired”, Prakash added.

When we contacted Prakash’s boss for his experience inside the cinema hall, he said,”The movie was awesome. Rajanikanth is just mind blowing. However, one of our employees saw us inside the cinema hall. Hopefully, he won’t tell the CEO that me and the HR manager weren’t in Pune for interviews and had lied to go and watch Kabali.”