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Man who hasn't heard a single Honey Singh song, found bashing him on Twitter

06, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A 25 years old well known Honey Singh basher left his followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook stunned when they came to know he hasn’t heard a single Honey Singh song till date.

The revelation came to fore, when Balbir, minutes after mocking Honey Singh’s latest album Desi Kalakaar was found asking his followers about one of the songs from the album.

Unaware that the song he was praising and enquiring about was of the same album, he tweeted, “Guys just heard a song ‘Daftar ki Girl’. Its Kinda cool. Any idea who has sung it? Must be some talented newcomer.”

Honey Singh requesting his haters to at least listen to his 2-3 songs before lambasting him.
Honey Singh requesting his haters to at least listen to his 2-3 songs before lambasting him.

“I had followed him only because he was so innovative and different from other Honey Singh critics and haters, in the way he would rip the Punjabi rapper apart. I am shocked that it was a cheap attempt to gain followers on Twitter and appear cool and intellectual,” said one of his ex-followers as he clicked on the unfollow button.

“At first we thought, maybe it is his new way to bash Yo Yo and were searching for sarcasm in the tweet. But when we failed to find one, we asked him the Honey Singh song he hated the most. When every one of us failed to get a response from him even after 2 minutes, we concluded he is fake,” confirmed a group of 6 followers of Balbir, who jointly exposed him.

“Now we wonder if he even knows which sport does Rohit Sharma play, or for that matter who Justin Bieber is,” added a Facebook friend of Balbir.

When Faking News contacted Balbir, he tried to defend himself saying that the fact he hasn’t heard a Honey Singh song proves that he is not a hypocrite.

“I am not like others who criticize him but still ask the DJ at disc to play his songs. Daftar ki girl may have been the first song of his that I heard, but I bashed him as I trusted the judgement of aam music listeners in India,” Balbir argued.

Experts however weren’t shocked to find at what Balbir was doing and claimed that such a behavior has now become a fad and many do it under the immense peer pressure of sounding cool on Twitter.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Honey Singh himself mocks his songs on Twitter through a fake profile,” said an expert.