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Man with over 500 pictures of Kim Kardashian finally learns to pronounce her name

17, Dec 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. 25-year-old Ricky Bahl, who has a hobby of collecting high resolution pictures and wallpapers of various ladies, has finally learned how to pronounce “Kim Kardashian” – the name of the famous American actress, model and sex-tape leaker. It’s not yet clear why Ricky took the pains to know the right pronunciation of the name, especially the surname, as it is not required by any software to open or edit the pictures and videos of Kim Kardashian.

“He was happy with those 500 odd pictures, video clips, and the sex-tape of Kim on his laptop hard drive, and used to relieve himself when under pressure,” Rohit, a close friend of Ricky and a frequent borrower of .3gp and .avi files from him, told Faking News. Rohit referred to Kim Kardashian as only “Kim” throughout the interview.

Kim Kardashian
One of the pictures that were found on the hard drive of Ricky Bahl

“I don’t know, and I don’t care,” Rohit angrily said when this reporter asked him whether he knew how to pronounce the surname of the American model, whose Facebook fan page received maximum comments – like ‘hi sexy, when u come 2 India’ – from him and Ricky. Both of them also follow her on Twitter.

On the other hand, Ricky Bahl was reported to be flaunting his new acquired knowledge to all his friends as he tutored at least seven other guys on how to make a difference between Kim Sharma and Kim Kardashian while speaking.

Ricky refused to disclose why he decided to learn the pronunciation, but he categorically declined that it was result of any security threat e.g. a virus that stopped him from accessing his “Hot Babes” folder in D Drive unless he pronounced the name of the enclosed files correctly.

However sources confirm that Ricky was forced to take this step after he was widely ridiculed by some of his female friends for pronouncing Kardashian and “Kadarshiyaan” for the second time in the last one week.

Sources further inform that when he was ridiculed for the first time, Ricky did go back to his room and tried to Google for “Kim Kardashian Pronunciation”, however he lost his way as Google auto-complete suggestions led him to search for “Kim Kardashian Pregnant”.

Ricky, also a keen follower of English music, now aims to find out if Lady Gaga is a man and whether Justin Bieber is his sister.