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Mandatory to add words “sad version” to the title of every Arijit Singh song: Supreme Court

20, Jul 2017 By itsmihir1993

Multiple FIRs were filed against singer Arijit Singh for misleading fans by singing “sad” versions of the song without clarifying it beforehand. All his songs, which are known to have pain as unbearable as any song sung by Shraddha Kapoor, have triggered rows in several parts of the country. Many people who had complained of heartbreaks despite being single were seen burning his effigy outside the court for making them feel inferior about their single hood.

A key witness in the case said, “I don’t have a girlfriend; I like pineapple on pizza so l will never have any. However, I still feel like my non-existent girlfriend has left me everytime I listen to Arijit Singh songs.”

When asked if he would like to say anything in his defence, a seemingly upset Arijit said, “If all my songs are labelled ‘sad’ versions, classify every song made by Pritam Da as ‘inspired’ version, every Mika Singh song as ‘abusive’ version and every Himesh Reshammiya song as ‘comeback’ version.”

The judge, however, remained unmoved and pronounced the landmark verdict.

A dejected Arijit vowed to bounce back. He said, “Salman bhai is known to have helped many people in the industry. I have decided to keep aside our differences, both personal and in levels of talent, and approach him to seek legal advice. I need Salman bhai’s lawyers — who discovered the first driverless car in India and also made a blackbuck commit suicide — to win this case.”  

Things took a bizarre turn when everyone, including the judge, was seen crying while stepping out of the court after the verdict. However, the judge later confessed that his phone had rung inside the courtroom during the proceedings and the Arijit Singh ringtone in his phone had made everyone teary-eyed.