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Mani Shankar Iyer watches Game of Thrones S8E5, calls Daenerys a 'neech aurat'

15, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

Congress leader Mani Shankar Iyer, who once again was seen plastered on news channels over his comments, took some time out from abusing the PM and watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Iyer too is a follower of the fantasy drama and makes it a point to catch up with the latest happening in series. While reviewing the episode, in his usual unapologetic fiery style, Mani Shankar called Daenerys a neech aurat for reducing Kings Landing to ashes.

With the anticipation built up in the earlier episode, everyone was hoping that things would come to a head with Daenery-Cersie faceoff. But claerly that coward mother of dragons went ahead burning the entire city and killing innocents. How can anyone justify her kaminapan. Clearly she doesn’t know diplomacy and the art of winning a war. To be honest her actions remind me of our current PM.”

When asked to elaborate on drawing a parallel with PM Modi, MS Aiyar cringed at the very mention of the name and said, “Did Daenerys not promise peace for the Westerosis. Everyone, including Jon Snow thought that the oppression under Cersie’s regime would end once Daenery’s takes over. Hoping for Acche Din under her rule. But look what happened. Everything turned out to be a jumla, just like what the current Govt. promised to the people of India. Every time I watch her riding the flame throwing dragon, it reminds me of Modi.”

However, in the same breath he praised Jon Snow for not fighting to sit on the iron throne. “I think Jon Snow is inspired by Sonia Gandhiji. The way she let Manmohan Singh take over as PM even though she was the first choice for the job. Jon too considers Dany to be the rightful heir to the throne. All I have heard him say in this entire season is ‘She is my queen’. Such heartwarming gesture,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Army of Unsullied landed up at the Congress leaders house and asked him to apologize for his comments and bend the knee before the queen.

A visibly livid Mani Shankar Aiyar screamed, “I Mani Shankar from the house of Aiyars. Suspended leader of Congress party. Hater of BJP and PM Modi, will not apologize. And my knees bend only before the one true leader in this country, Rahul Gandhi.”