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Manikarnika team confident of good show after a group claims it has distorted history

08, Feb 2018 By dasu

Jaipur: Long wait for the Manikarnika team is over. Now the team is super excited about the box office success of the movie after a group has demanded state government to interfere and immediately stop the shooting of the movie as the film is ‘distorting’ history.

“Seriously I do not know why it took so long for some groups to come forward to protest against the movie,” said Komal Adarsh, executive co-producer of the movie while speaking to us.

Mr. Adash being a veteran in the industry feels the ‘delay’ is probably due to two reasons. Kangana’s recent movies have not done so well compared to say someone like Deepika. So, potential protestors would have thought anyway not many would come to theatre to watch it, what’s the point in doing protest. But I feel the major reason is Padmaavat protest team taking a large chunk of the protest calendar, not allowing any other team to protest.

Mr. Adarsh is happy now. He said, “Der aaye lekin durrust aaye. This movie had ample scope to speculate like the group is claiming now, a song being picturized on Rani Laxmibai and a British agent of the East India Company. Protest is on track now, but we do not want to be complacent.”

“We do not want a protest which no one will realize about it. It has to be grand. Kuch theatres jalne chahiye, school bus ke upar aatack hone chahiye, may be little more this time. We want protestors to continue protest even after movie release, at least till the movie crosses 200 crores in box office collection,” said Adarsh who is planning to cancel the movie promotion plan.

Mr. Adarsh is talking to Kangana and others, they might have to postpone the movie release date from April to few months later to give the protest team sufficient time to do a ‘proper’ protest. In the evening team is planning to cut a cake in anticipation of its huge box office success.