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If so many people will review the movie then who are left to watch it in theatres asks Padmavati makers

28, Dec 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: Producers of Padmavati are upset with the stand CBFC is taking. Every day CBFC is creating a new panel and asking the panel to invite others whom they feel should be part of the panel to review the movie.  

“In this way, whole of India will see the movie at the review stage itself. Then who will be left to watch it at the theatre?” asked one of the co-producer of the movie in an angry tone.

The co-producer said, “Few days back CBFC invited ‘former royals’ to review the movie and now CBFC is inviting historians to review the movie. Many political parties, leaders, student wings, almost everyone on the street are demanding to see it beforehand as they want to know the ‘truth’ before it is screened in theatre.”

“Arre baba, it’s fine, you want to know the ‘truth’. Then pay the ticket price. CBFC says this cannot be done as movie has no certificate, movie cannot be available for public viewing. Mazak bana ke rakha hai,” said the co-producer.

“Many distributors are pulling out saying, for whom they will release it in theatres. They are asking me to release it online so that few people who will be born in next six months or so can watch it online. These people should understand we have made a movie that too for 3D viewing, it’s not a draft document government has prepared for public consultation,” said the co-producer.

Padmavati producer suggested CBFC should be named CBPC (Central Board for Public Consultation).