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Massive shit from MTV Roadies auditions blocks sewer pipes in city

23, Feb 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Chandigarh. MTV Roadies, an allegedly popular reality show has thrown normal life out of gear for local residents here. Municipality workers report that every single gutter pipe in the city has been clogged due to the massive shit that was generated during the auditions for the ninth season of the reality show.

The producers of the show have been served with a legal notice by the municipal corporation of Chandigarh for abusing the civic facilities of the city beyond the endurance levels.  They have been asked to explain their shitting spree, which threatens to turn into an epidemic.

MTV Rowdies: Spoof of MTV Roadies
An artist’s impression of what actually happens during MTV Roadies

Bhen****!” exclaimed Raghu Ram, accused of releasing tons of utter stinking shit that proved to be too much for the city’s entrails.

Raghu, his twin brother, and another bullshitter on the show have been additionally asked to pay Rupees 2.56 crores to the municipal corporation for passing shit that collectively went thousand times above what the total population of Chandigarh passes in a festive month.

“We have used rates that any Sulabh Shauchalaya or other public toilet providers charges to the common man for having a dump,” Huggendra Singh, the Public Relations Officer of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation told Faking News.

“They can employ any accountant or lawyer, even Kapil Sibal, to calculate the humongous amount of shit that they generate; I bet it won’t be a paisa lower than the amount that we have calculated and asked for,” he added.

Huggendra explained that normally the corporation doesn’t charge a visitor or tourist for passing shit in the city, as this is a normal routine, but it went much beyond the normal levels in the case of MTV Roadies auditions.

“We had political rallies and television news debates happening in the city recently, but the shit generated was under permissible levels. In fact, the assemblies of Punjab and Haryana are both situated here but we never had to deal with clogged sewer lines,” he said.

Saale kya khaa ke huggte hain!?” Huggendra wondered.

In their defense, MTV Roadies producers have claimed that they have been passing such shit for over 8 years now and were never accused of blocking sewer pipelines earlier.

“If the society has been taking our shit for over 8 years, what has suddenly gone wrong now?” Raghu argued and abused the Faking News reporter, “They should make bigger and wider sewer pipes if they can’t take it. Bhen**** we are not going to stop this shit.”