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Media House requests Virat-Anushka to get married since they have already prepared a 6 hrs show on it

08, Dec 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: BCCI and Anushka Sharma’s spokespersons quickly issued statements clarifying the news about Virat-Anushka marriage in Italy is just a rumor, there is no truth in it.

Worried media houses have written to both Anushka and Virat to get married soon or at least confirm we will marry within next six months otherwise lot of their effort will go for a toss.

“I am more worried how I will fill the TV show slots for my channel in the coming weekend. We have prepared a six hour show and I was planning to show it 2 times each on Saturday and Sunday,” said Pratap Sharma, working as programming head of a leading news channel.

Mr. Sharma added, “Today’s celebrities have no heart. Nahin to koi iss tarah se news ko kharij nahin karta. Itna kya jaldi tha. On Monday, they could have said this is just rumor, by then we would have shown our programs. This is not the first time Virat and Anushka are doing something like this, last few occasions whenever news came, they have done the same.”

“Now I am compelled to show same Raju Srivastav youtube videos in repeat mode that we showed last weekend also. Acha kaam ka koi kadar nahin hai iss desh mein,” said Mr. Sharma who was checking also how many speeches Rahul Gandhi and Modi will give in Gujrat and what will be their probable length.

“Mani Shankar Aiyar is our true friend for every season. He has given some sound bites, around which some debates we can arrange, but I am disappointed with Kohli and Anushka to say the least,” said Mr. Sharma when one reporter of his channel came inside.

The reporter who did not know this marriage news is a rumor, had gone to Pallika Bazar to print a wedding card which they were supposed to claim during the show as Virat-Anushka’s true wedding card, jo unke haath laga hai.