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Millions flock to theaters to watch Salman Khan speaking, walking, and blinking eyes

25, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. As Salman Khan’s latest movie ‘Kick’ released this morning, millions of his fans flocked to movie theaters to watch the superstar indulge in activities like speaking, walking, sleeping, and blinking eyes.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe that within few minutes I will be watching bhai behave like a normal human being. Despite achieving so much in life, he still takes out time to walk, talk, and blink eyes for his fans like me. Such a down to earth person he is!” said Prateek, an emotional Salman fan standing outside a multiplex in Bandra.

Salman Khan
OMG, Salman Khan lifting his hand!!!

“Bhai is so humble, he hasn’t forgotten his roots,” he explained why those mundane on-screen activities proved admirable qualities of the superstar.

Prateek further added that he was looking forward to enjoy Salman’s eye-blinking stunt, in which he closes and opens his eyes on regular interval.

“In Kick, it is going to be even more awesome as he wears an eye mask!” he pointed out, “I have heard that bhai has practiced a lot for this act. Last time, in Jai Ho, it wasn’t that perfect. Most probably that was the reason why it failed to repeat success of a typical bhai movie.”

As per Salman fans, what sets him apart from other actors, is the way he performs normal daily life activities in his movies even though he has superstar status.

“The joy which I get to see bhai speak and walk again and again in each movie is even better than what I felt when my child walked and talked for the first time,” said a man coming out of multiplex on a bicycle, Kick style.

Experts tell Faking News that Salman’s movies do well because his fans do better when it comes to appreciating nuances involved in such activities. However, the credit goes to Salman.

“In each of his movies, this man completely reinvents himself. For example in ‘Jai Ho’, he sported a clean shave look, but in ‘Kick’ he is looking so different in the french cut beard,” commented famous film trade analyst Taran Adarsh.