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Millions of Engineering students become Salman Khan fans after he confesses being virgin

02, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Hordes of engineering students became emotional and started crying after watching Salman Khan confess on Koffee with Karan that he was still a virgin.

“Now I know why he rammed his land cruiser over a pavement dweller, or why he behaves in such a retarded manner. Being a virgin myself I can understand the frustration in him which makes him do things that he has done,” said Gopal (name not changed as he’s no more ashamed of being virgin) of Indraprasth Institute of Technology.

Salman Khan
Some Salman fans with similar hairstyle are still waiting to impress girls, SRK sources say.

“If a good looking guy like Salman can remain a virgin for 48 years then there is no shame in being a virgin. In fact, I am proud to be a virgin now,” added Gopal, who is now in the final year of his electrical engineering course and still waiting for that girl on Facebook to accept his friend request.

Many other engineering students, who were earlier critical of the 48-year-old alleged actor and used to find his movies extremely pathetic and dumb, suddenly transformed into diehard fans.

Sources say that immediately after the show got over, students of IIT Kanpur went to a video parlor and purchased DVDs of Veer and watched it 6 times in a loop to pay their respects to the star.

“What a fantastic performer and a gifted actor he is. He should get Bharat Ratna for his contribution to the Indian Cinema,” said a new fan, who was now on his way to watch Main aur Mrs Khanna for same number of times.

Experts believe this confession has given a new direction altogether to the theory that only engineering students remain virgin. They feel it’s high time that virgins are looked at in a secular manner and a particular community is not targeted and joked about without substantial evidence.

Even though engineering students seemed to have switched their allegiance from King Khan to Bhai of Bollywood, Twitter was abuzz with tweets ridiculing the Dabanng star.

“Even after dating Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif, if Salman remains a virgin, then he is rightly called a jackass,” read a tweet from handle @SRK_rulzzz.

“After fucking our brains for so many years now Salman says he is a virgin. Good Joke!” read another tweet.

Meanwhile sources tell Faking News that Salman Khan is expected to tweet “Kya?” to explain what he meant.