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Monkey 'driver' accused of driving a bus rashly in Bareilly seeks Salman Khan's help

27, Dec 2015 By madhubr27

Mumbai. There has been a lot of activity around Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence over the last 24 hours. Hordes of monkeys have waylaid the path leading to Bhai ka adda.

Police were called to look into the matter. After three samosas and one cutting chai, inspector Wankhede from Bandra station told this Faking News reporter, “We received a call around 9 in the morning that a lot of monkeys had gathered around Salman Khan’s house. Initially we thought that someone was joking about Bhai fans, but later we realized that he meant in literally.”

Monkey driver
“It wasn’t me,” Monkey Raju says.

“We acted immediately and we arrived there with a team of 4 cops. We were relieved to find out that the monkeys were not there to trouble anybody. They just wanted Salman Khan to give them the reference of his lawyer who specializes in helping ‘victims’ of false accident cases,” Inspector Wankhede revealed that the monkeys were friends and relatives of the monkey accused of driving a bus and hitting other buses in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.

When contacted, Hanumant Singh, the uncle of the accused monkey was very vocal in support of his nephew. He said, “My nephew is being falsely implicated in this rash driving case. He was not alone, his friend was also there in the bus. No one saw my nephew behind the wheels. My nephew had not even eaten any rotten banana, so he can’t be accused of anything.”

“Our case is similar to Bhai’s, and so we want his help. We want his driver’s contact number too,” Hanumant Singh added.

Meanwhile the main accused in the case, monkey Raju Singh, has applied for anticipatory bail. He says his arrest would lead to heavy losses in Bareilly as he has been signed up by at least 5 big shot madaaris for roles in various road side events.

Not only that, Raju claims to have got a role in National Geographic’s TV series too and a Bollywood movie. Incidentally the movie is with Bhai  himself in which he is to carry Raju to Jaipur to re-unite him with the ‘Galta Gang’ of monkeys in Jaipur made famous by the National Geographic series Monkey Thieves.

Raju was emphatic that ‘being human’, Salman will certainly rescue him by arranging for the services of his lawyer Harish Salve. Neither Salman nor Harish Salve could be reached for their comments.