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Mother admits to have watched daily soaps during pregnancy after new born baby asked for immediate plastic surgery

26, Mar 2016 By ankush3

New Delhi: An interesting incident took place in Arora family of Rajouri garden in Delhi. Mrs. Arora gave birth to a baby and soon after delivery, it was discovered that the baby already had talking skills.

Effects of watching too much of 'saas-bahu' on TV
Effects of watching too much of ‘saas-bahu’ on TV

What was more shocking is that the baby asked his parents and doctors to carry out plastic surgery on him as he thought that he was reincarnated with same face as he had in his last life.

Our reporters had a chat with doctors who were working on this. They said, “Initially, we were shell shocked and didn’t know that it was a good sign or a bad one. But later, mother confirmed to have watched back to back daily soaps during 9 months of pregnancy and then everything fell in place. The behavior and mental state of mother directly affects the child in the womb which resulted in this peculiar behavior of new born baby.The baby and mother are doing great and currently they are having chat on last episode of reality based family drama Satya-naash.”

Another rumor making rounds is that the baby had a list of names in his hand when it was delivered. The list contains some names like  Vansh, Lakshya, Meet, Naitik, Dhruv etc. The baby has given options for his names.

Now its up to parents to decide by which name they want to call their kid. Meanwhile  the baby is already famous in his locality. All his Punjabi relatives are keen to give him name born star’  but the baby wants to stick to the list he has.

Now after 1 month, the baby is ready to become Managing Director of a company, wear suits and attend board meetings, keep karvachauth for this future wife and take care of his parent for no apparent reason.