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Movie critic boycotted by the fraternity for praising Batman V Superman

30, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 30 yrs old movie critic Shyam Gupta has been widely criticized by his fellow movie critics after he praised Batman V Superman and called it a must watch film. All the movie critics have decided to socially boycott Shyam till he doesn’t retract his review and writes that this is an awful film.

Batman V Superman
Not Batman V Superman, it is Critics V Viwers

Ever since its release, Batman Vs Superman has been criticized by all movie critics except Shyam. Even though general viewing public is loving the film and it is breaking box office records, movie critics have stuck to their stand that this movie should be given a miss by everyone. Instead of Batman V Superman, it has become Movie critics V Viewers and critics aren’t happy that one of them joined the opposition.

“I never trusted this Shyam guy. He had even praised a Rohit Shetty film once as paisa vasool but that was ok since he had mentioned viewers must leave their brains at home but this time he has crossed all limits. He has simply called BvS a must watch film, full of action, superb blah blah blah. How can he say all that when all of us have already written that this is a rubbish film?” asked an incensed movie critic based out of Mumbai.

Another leading movie critic from Delhi supporting this social boycott said, “No way can he be invited to any film industry party now. He is trying too hard to be different from us so let him be. We have clear rules for film reviews, Indie film- 5 Stars, small budget- 4 stars, big budget- 3 stars, Very big budget- 2 stars, Very very big budget- 1 star so BvS should have got 1 star but he has broken all our rules. Only exceptions to our rules are SRK and Salman, we must praise their movies but we didn’t see any SRK or Salman in BvS”

When we contacted Shyam for his reaction to this angry reaction, he said, “Oh these are just lame threats. When they didn’t boycott Taran Adarsh for giving Himesh Reshammiya’s Karzzzz 4 stars then they won’t boycott me as well.”