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Movie scenes depicting old 500 & 1k notes to have a warning: “Such old notes are no longer valid, exchange”

01, Dec 2016 By dasu

Mumbai: In the next few days, movie goers will notice a couple of changes during every movie screening. One change is that National Anthem will be played at the beginning of every movie.The other change is a warning message that will be displayed whenever an old 500 or 1000 rupee note will appear on screen.

500 note
Go and deposit them if you still haven’t

The man behind this new warning message is none other than current CBFC chairman, Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani. While speaking to us, he said, “After demonetization, I was thinking how to suck up to Modi the film industry can help in increasing awareness in the fight against black money menace. The first and foremost step in this direction would be to let people know that the old 500 and 1000 Rs notes they may see in some films are no longer valid.”

“I have asked all the film makers to add a warning message like they do right now whenever a smoking or drinking scene is shown in the movie. Whenever 500 rupee or 1000 rupee notes are flashed on screen, a warning message will be displayed ‘such old notes are no longer valid, please exchange’, This will be part of the censor board checklist before certification is issued”, said Mr. Nihalani.

When we pointed out that the exchange option is closed in banks, only available at RBI counters, Mr. Nihalani snapped back by saying, “What do you think of our moviegoers, they only watch movies? They read newspaper, watch TV news, have access to internet. They know what’s happening. Do not try to be funny by telling me, we need to give list of RBI office addresses where old notes are exchanged in the warning message itself?”

When we asked from when you are planning to enforce this, he said, “I am giving everyone two weeks’ time. I am sure everyone will come on board soon. Maybe someone like Anurag Kashyap will ask the point of this but it is ok, he keeps asking the point of all my actions.”

Meanwhile, some producers have proposed another message in case a new film has a scene showing 2000 Rs note. The message says: It is hard to get change for such notes, please be careful before accepting.