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Movies with drinking scenes will only be released in Delhi as scenes won’t be visible due to smog: Censor Board

14, Nov 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Censor Board has always taken some weird steps to keep cinema in India clean, and they have always tried to impose what should be and what should not be shown on the big screen. But now the decision making has become easy, thanks to Delhi. Movies with drinking and smoking scenes will only be released in Delhi as those scenes won’t be visible due to the smog and the time and money wasted in blurring the scenes will be also saved.


In a new move, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), commonly called the censor board, has asked the makers of the Hollywood film Ford v Ferrari to blur out bottles and glasses of alcohol.

While the censor board asking for brands of alcohol to be blurred is not unusual, the fact that they asked for just alcohol to be blurred as well as new. Many moviemakers like Anurag Kashyap and Farhan Akhtar have decided to become narrators instead of directors.

The will just narrate the movie in theatres and not make a movie and show it in theatre as blurring so many scenes will take 30-40 days. Akshay Kumar shoots 3-4 movies in 30-40 days and Censor Board’s decision to release adult or A-rated movies only in Delhi will make it easy for everyone.