MTV to save electricity by muting “beep” sound in Roadies

26, Jan 2011 By Anoop Dixith

Mumbai. Socially responsible television channel MTV has added another feather to its cap by saving a capacious amount of electrical power by suppressing the Roadies’ trademark background score – the “BEEP” tone. The legendary tone that dominated its previous seasons is missing in the current season, where the censored words are just timely muted. This has reduced the audio output power consumption of the show by almost 57%, channel sources claim.

Going further with the calculations, the music-turned-reality television channel has cited that the total audio power saved this way per episode is estimated to be around 4.9 K Watts, which is, as they exclaim, “simply unfuckingbelievable!”

Raghu Ram, MTV Roadies season 8
Raghu Ram, the executive producer of the television series MTV Roadies

“It is a very welcome move by the Roadies team,” an energy expert said, “it will also save power in those households that watch such family shows (sic.) on MTV, as the television speakers will consume lesser amount of electricity.”

Sources at MTV Roadies confirm that they are encouraging the participants and judges of the show to use as many vulgar and abusive words as possible, so that the nation saves more electricity and India becomes a superpower thanks to its youth.

“We are also planning more shows that could use even more coarse language,” Raghu Ram, executive producer of MTV Roadies informed, “We are thinking of doing away with all music shows as they involve a lot of sounds and consume a lot more electricity.”

Raghu Ram further claimed that he prefers wearing black for similar reasons. “Just like Black Google, you see,” he said. Faking News suggested that maybe he, his fellow judges, and all other participants could not only wear black but even have their faces blackened; to which Raghu hastily assured that he would give the suggestion a thought.

Around a year back MTV had removed the word “music” from its logo, and unconfirmed sources inform that it’s now adding some curse words starting with M in its new logo to suit its new avtar.