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Multiplex samosa has potential of catching up with gold price one day

26, Nov 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: Investors are eager to know what ‘commodity’ has the maximum potential of appreciation in next decade or so. We spoke to some of the best minds in the financial market to know their picks. Some said, vegetable prices, some said Tur dal has good potential. However, majority of them felt ‘Multiplex Samosa’ has the maximum potential.


One of the research report published by Oldman Sachs says, “In next couple of decades, we feel per gram Samosa price would be close to per gram gold price”. Manish Chokhani, the man behind the report spoke to us.

Manish said, “Let us take the period from 2012 to 2017. In last five years international gold prices have come down from 1850+ USD per ounce to somewhere close to 1300 USD per ounce, a reduction of 30 percent. Whereas the multiplex samosa which was available at 25 rupees per piece in 2013 is now sold at 175 rupees per piece. Seven times in five years. Tell me, which commodity on earth has appreciated like that?”.

“We at the Oldman Sachs feel, this is just the start for the boom phase for Multiplex Samosa. Next twenty years it can be a serious multi bagger. We have recommended it as a ‘Strong Buy’ at any price”, said Manish with a disclaimer that as a group they have diverted a good portion of their investment to this commodity and one must consult his or her own financial adviser before buying this asset.

SEBI has asked multiplex samosa to be made available in demat form. For safety, no need to buy lockers to keep them. Whenever one needs cash, he can sell it in the market as it will be traded every day.