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Multiplexes reduce popcorn prices, now combo pack of ticket+popcorn at only 2000 Rs

29, Nov 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Most of the people who have got 2000 rupee notes by standing in queues for hours have one common complaint; the note simply refuses to move from your wallet. With lack of cash in the market, it has become very difficult to spend 2000 Rs note as nobody has the change. Now multiplexes have come up with a way around this, by offering combo packs that cost exactly 2000 Rs.

Pay just 2000, get popcorn with the ticket!

Films that have released post demonetization have struggled at the box office as people were not willing to part with whatever little cash they had left for a film. Now that 2000 Rs note is more widely available, the problem remained as the ticket window didn’t have change for the note. With collections suffering, multiplexes have come up with this combo offer, tickets and popcorn will be sold at the same window and it will cost exactly 2000 Rs taking the question of change out of the equation.

“We were suffering so much loss after demonetization with only the few who book tickets online turning up in cinemas. We even had to cancel several shows as there weren’t enough people inside the hall. We had to think outside the box and that is when we came up with this combo offer idea. We will need to slash popcorn prices a little but at least we will be generating some revenue”, a management official from a leading chain of malls told Faking News.

“Earlier you had to buy ticket at the counter outside and then buy your popcorn when you enter the multiplex. Now both these items will be available at the same window outside. However, people should not try to smuggle their own popcorn inside. We will have our expert teams watching out for that”, he added.

When we asked why so much strictness over outside popcorn, he said,”Our main business is selling popcorn; films are just for timepass while you eat popcorn. If people bring popcorn from outside, how will we make any profit?”